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Prologue - Henrietta Mallalieu

Just 73 years ago today we left London for Brisbane. We were passengers on a sailing ship called the ‘ Prince Consort’ carrying about 300 migrants to Queensland. We had fine weather and a run of ninety days saw us at Moreton Island. From there onward our troubles began.

For some unaccountable reason the passengers were not allowed to land until the migrants had been taken to their destination, which was Maryborough. This was bad enough but the weather changed unfavourably and the captain could not obtain the service of a Pilot to this new port. I remember that we tacked about aimlessly in Hervey Bay for a whole week, failing to find the entrance to the river. Eventually a small steamer coming from the river had a talk with the Captain, who decided to take the vessel in himself. 

Our contentment was not long of duration, for it appeared that the crew had mutinied and were taken off at once, to be dealt with elsewhere. All kind of guns were brought out and placed about.

Eventually, the ‘Prince Consort’ was brought to Brisbane by some of the remaining passengers’ help and the officers, but to our dismay the ‘Yellow Flag’ was hoisted and we were landed on Stradbroke Island for a period of six or seven weeks. Making in all, five months since our departure……

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